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Trip to Tamgaly Petrogliphs

Trip to Tamgaly Petrogliphs

Trip to Tamgaly Petrogliphs Kazakhstan Photos>>Booking Tour>>

Duration: 10 hours
Season: all the year round

There are more 150 places with petrogliphs in Kazakhstan, but Tamgaly is most well-known. The natural boundary of Tamgaly is located in 170 km. to northwest of Almaty in the Anrakhai mountains. The majority of Petroglyphs are located in the lower part of the main canyon, and in a side canyon, which is adjacent to it from the west, as well as in seven small canyons that are located to the northwest of the main canyon. The total number of paintings in the main canyon is approximately 2,000. All of them are conditionally divided into seven groups. The numbering of the groups starts from the estuary of the canyon. Here one can see the images of sun-headed idols, disguised warriors, married couples, women in childbirth. There are also compositions with many figures, portraying images of people and animals in scenes of hunting and bull sacrifice. Plots with the image of chariots are very rare. There are many solar symbols.

These Petroglyphs are from various times, but they mostly belong to the Bronze Age. Paintings done in the "animal" style of the Saaks are located separately from the ancient Petroglyphs. In some instances, however, they complete them and even overlay them. Medieval petroglyphic images have been hammered out on the hills that surround the canyon, and on the sideward waterless small canyons.
transport, lunch, guide services, excursions, ecological taxes.

Transfer Almaty - Kopa station - Tamgaly (163 km, 3 hours). Excursion to the Rock Art Gallery. Lunch. Return in Almaty.

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