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96, Boulevard Erkindik, Bishkek,
720040, Kyrgyz Republic
Tel.: +996 (312) 30-46-17, 90-12-95
Fax: +996 (312) 90-12-95

Bishkek main attractions

Bishkek main attractions

Historical Museum [Formerly Lenin Museum] (Ala-Too Square; Tue-Sun 1015:00): Stones with rock paintings from Saimaluu-Tash; armor and everyday objects dating from the Bronze Age; excavated nomadic adornments dating from 1st to the 5th centuries (AD); Turkic stone culture collection; Talas stones with runic lettering; ceramic, glass and metal articles; numerous ancient coins. Rich ethnographic collections of objects from the late 19th and early 20th centuries including felt, wool, chiy, leather and wood from Kyrgyz artisans; Kyrgyz embroidery, weavings, national dress, original female adornments and highly artistic horse harness supplies.

The Museum of Fine Arts (196 Sovietskaya St; Tue-Sun 9-17:00): Dedicated to Kyrgyz folk and applied art and Russian and Soviet art, the museum began as the State Picture Gallery and was located in the St Nicholas Church in Oak Park. The church now houses the Gallery of the Artists Union. The building was constructed in 1974 as one of the projects in the grand scheme for improving the capital and features a yurt and permanent shyrdaks and other traditional craft exhibition. The full collection numbers some 17,500 works. There are also several galleries of paintings from the soviet period, replicas of Egyptian, Greek and classical Western sculptures and a collection of linocuts based on the Manas epic by Hertzen.

The Open Air Sculpture Museum (346 Frunze St; Tue-Fri 9-17:00, Sat-Sun 9-17:00): Inaugurated in 1984 to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Kyrgyz Republic, sculptors from all over the Soviet Union submitted pieces for the theme of Peace and Labour.

Frunze Museum. The museum traces the life and career of Mikhail Frunze and is purported to incorporate the actual house where he was born and brought up (though some suspect this may not be the exact house). There is an exhibition of the achievements of the city and Kirgizia during the Soviet period.

Erkindik (Ala-Too Square). Statue of Freedom. Unveiled in 1999 to commemorate the eighth year of independence, this represents a Kyrgyz woman holding a flame-ringed tunduk.

Martyrs of the Revolution (Prospect Chui-Sovietskaya): Urkuya Salieva (19101934), and early socialist organizer in Southern Kyrgyzstan apparently murdered by rich peasants.

Victory Monument (Victory Square): completed in 1984, a woman stands over the eternal flame, waiting for her son or husband who will not return home from the Great Patriotic War. A wistful reflection on the great cost of victory.

Toktogul Satylganov (Sovietskaya): South of the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The poet, singer and instrumentalist lived from 1864 until 1933.

The Manas Sculptural Complex (Philharmonia): The legendary hero Manas on his magical horse Ak-Kula slaying a dragon. Below him are his wife Kanykei and the wise counsellor Bakai. Busts of several 20th century manaschy are nearby.

The Official State Flagpole (City Square): The guard is changed every day on the hour from 07:00 till 18:00.

Bishkek holds more trees per capita than any other Central Asian city and it isnt always clear where one park ends and the next begins. People can be found ambling all over the pleasant city.

Panfilov Park (behind the White House): This was once called Red Star Park because of the pattern made by its network of pathways, but renamed in honour of the war hero whose statue can be found at the Eastern end of the park. The park is filled with amusement rides for children and a small Ferris wheel.

Oak Park (between Prospect Chui and Abdumomunova west of Sovietskaya): This began as an oak grove planted by Alexei Fetisov in 1890.

Kemal Ataturk Park (on Akhunbaeva between Molodezhnaya and Maldybaeva St.): This park used to be called Drujba (Friendship) Park but was renamed in honour of the founder of modern Turkey. Inside is a memorial to fallen soldiers of the Afghanistan war.

Prospect Erkindik (Railway Station down to Jibek Jolu Prospect): Now called Prospect Erkindik (Freedom Avenue) it was originally named the Boulevard in 1902. In 1924 it was renamed as Komsolmolskaya, and later as Prospect Dzerzhinsky. The main part of the street marks a promenade under the silver poplars planted in 1883 over a filled-in streambed. It is a favourite spot to simply stroll in the evenings and weekends. The street is flanked by old buildings and a number of monuments.

Molodaya Gvardia (Railway line to the Northern edge of the city): Once a streambed filled by Army engineers and converted to a boulevard with a number of monuments.

Theatres and music
Performances often start at 5:00pm, but in the height of the season there may be only one or two performances a week. Excluding special shows, tickets are available at the door.

The Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Abdylas Maldybaev (167, Abdyrahmanova St.; Tel.: 661548; Tickets 50-300 soms): The theatre has resident opera and ballet companies with occasional guest companies. Season is usually autumn to spring but there are often performances other times of the year as well.

Kyrgyz Drama Theatre (273, Panfilov St., behind the Government House; Tel.: 665802, 216958; hours: 8:00-20:00 in summer; Tickets 20-200 soms): The resident company performs a range of local and international plays performances are in Kyrgyz or Russian.

Russian Drama Theatre (122, Tynystanova St. Oak Park; Tel.: 662032, 621571; hours: Mon-Sun, 10:00-18:00; Tickets 30-100): A range of local and international plays in Russian.

Bishkek City Drama Theatre (Chernyshevsky Library bet Theatre of Opera and Ballet and Russian Drama Theatre): A small, intimate, theatre with a company performing a range of local and international plays performances are in Kyrgyz or Russian and often international.

Puppet Theatre (Sovietskaya-Michurina): Performances Sundays at 11:00am.

Kyrgyz State Philharmonic (253, Chui Prospect; Tel.: 212262, 212235; hours: 17:00-19:00 in summer; Tickets: 70-100 soms or 3,000 soms for special performances): There are two concert halls featuring classical, traditional Kyrgyz, and pop concerts and a variety of shows.

The Conservatory (115, Jantosheva St., Tel.: 479542): Concerts by students and professors.

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