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Inspiro Group - Travel and Logistics
Inspiro Group - Travel and Logistics
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Bishkek Urban Transport

Bishkek Urban Transport

There are several options for transportation. Generally westerners use the local taxi services which can be reached through several numbers 150 Euro (Evro) Taxi 152 Super Taxi 156 Express Taxi 188 Salam Taxi Before 10PM most runs in the city are 75 soms and after 10- 100 soms.

There are hundreds of mini-buses that ply all parts of the city and region that are generally 5 soms for inner-city routes and 7-10 for longer routes. Ask a local which bus number you should take. Major stops are near the Tsum and Philharmonia. There is also an aging system of electric trolleybuses that ply the major streets for 3 soms each.

You can buy a map of mini-bus routes at some tourist venues.

Urban Transport
Bishkek is served by taxis, buses and trolleybuses. Public transport is cheap and generally reliable. Bishkek is an easy, inexpensive city to get around it. It is on a grid and relatively small capital city, so navigating on foot or by car is easy. The mountains to the south are nearly always in view. Bishkek is wide and flat, and it's "center" is regarded as most interestingly large percentage of the overall city, usually including the area of Sovietskaya to Manas several blocks on either side of Chui. Public transportation (mini-buses and trolleybuses) usually runs from 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning till 9:00 or 9:30 at night. Taxis can be found in all major towns. They are readily available and cheap. Travelers must agree a fare in advance, and not share taxis with strangers. As many of the street names have changed since independence, it is also advisable to ascertain both the old and the new street names when asking directions. It is best to give a landmark that is close to your destination, and when going to restaurants, mentioning the intersection of two streets (like Chui-Turusbekova) is better than saying "The Metro pub". Car hire is not available. Cars with a driver can be hired in travel agencies by the trip, by the hour or by the day or week. A number of taxi calling services exists (order by phone at any time).

152 – Super Taxi
156 – Express Taxi
188 – Taxi Salam

Inspiro Group - Travel & Logistics

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