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Inspiro Group - Travel and Logistics
Inspiro Group - Travel and Logistics
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Helisnowboarding and Heliski in Kyrgyzstan, 2017

Heliski and Helisnowboarding in Kyrgyzstan, 2017

Heliski and Helisnowboarding in Kyrgyzstan, 2017 More Photos>>Booking Tour>>

Duration: 7 days
Season: February - March

We are able to offer one of the most unique destinations for heliski in perfect snowconditions.

The Thien Shan Mountain Range with its incredible vastness and wide glaciers offer ideal conditions for fantastic ski experiences.


Our partner firms are professionals who offer helicopters with best maintained helicopters like the MI 8 MTV 1 which are characterized by power, comfort and safety.

The MI 8 helicopters are leased from the army. This may sound strange but it is a guarantee for the best maintanance, best engeeniers and highly professional pilots who are experianced in flying in great highs.


Kyrgyz republic:

The peaceful and independant republic is located in the south of Kasachstan and in the west of China. We fly in many different ranges in Thien Shan Mountains where the conditions vary from completely untouched alpine slopes to glaciers and runs through forests. A dream with unlimited possibilities.


We accomodate our guests only in 4 and 5 star hotels according to European standard. In Bishkek these are the 5 star Hotel Jannat and Golden Dragon or the 4 star Hotel Karven on the north side of Issik Kul. If we have move to other areas we arrange accomodation in the best possible form like the 3 starhotel Amir in Karakol.

Air Transport:

The destination is Manas airport in Bishkek in Kyrgys republic. Easiest to be reached via Moscow with the Aeroflot or via Istanbul with the Turkish Airlines. Bishkek can be reached in one day so skiing can immediatly be enjoyed.

Tour Guides:

All of our programs include a local tour guide, therefore we are able to offer perfect communication with indegenous population. You will also be informed about culture and history in Kirgisia. This of course also facilitates the cooperation with hotels and pilots.

Heliskiprogram “Cangaroo”

The name of this program is selfexplanatory. Due to our experience in the Kyrgys mountain ranges we “hop” to the part of the regions where the best conditions can be found. The program is a very exclusive program which is characterized by a small number iof participants and high quality food and accomodation and extreme flexibility

The following services are included in the price:

  • Within 5 days we offer 12 hours of heliski with a maximum of 4 groups at the most with 4 skiers/group.
  • Accomodation (4 – 5 star hotels with breakfast on basis double occupancy)
  • Dinner served at good local restaurants
  • Transfer to the restaurants which are in proximity to the hotels
  • IVBV mountain guide
  • Lunch during heliskioperation (if lunch is consumed at the hotel it is not included)
  • Safety equipment (ABS, LVS, first aid and a first container which is on board of the helicopter)
  • Powder skies and ski poles
  • English and German speaking tourguide

not included:

  • Flight to Kyrgys republic
  • Additionally booked sighseeingtours
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (compulsory)
  • Visa fees (available on Manas airport)

Important facts to the calculation of flight hours:

You can ski as much as you want and as much you are physically able to manage within your flight hours. There is no limit of altitude within your package!

In case of bad weather we are able to fly to different areas to insure heliski operation. No pressure for the guides because there is no necessary meters of elevation that have to be reached within a certain timelimit. It is also possible to do short but attractive runs.

Refund for not consumed flight hours Euro 1600/hour

If more than 12 hours of heliskiing want to be consumed an extra of Euro 2300/hour for the whole group will have to be paid.

Flight time starts to count from the starting of the engine until the rotor has stopped to turn each day. Emergency flights due to accidents in the groups, flights for refueling are part of the flight time of the group. E .g. in case of bad weather if the transfer from different regions has to be done by bus and the helicopter returns without passengers also this flightime is part of the groups flighttime.

We are sure that with this concept we were able to highly increase the quality of our packages.

Travel Dates:

26. of February - 4. of March 2017
05.-11. of March 2017
12.-18. of March 2017

further dates on request also for private groups!

Price: from Euro 3990.- per person depending on the number of participants (minimum 12 part.)

Even in June powder and firn can still be found.

Inspiro Group - Travel & Logistics

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