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One day heliski

Get the feeling!

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Duration: 1 day
Pax: optimal size is 12 persons
Season: February - March 2014

Route: One day heliski

Get the feeling
Get the feeling of unlimited freedom, excellent powder snow and mighty mountains. Get away from rush and habit and join nature with our company.
Professional Austrian mountain guides and the best pilots of Kyrgyzstan will give you the safety to feel comfortable and to enjoy the day with Fit & Fun and Muza Travel.
What is one day heliski?
In the early morning clients get the equipment, powder skies, avalanche airbag, transerver and we go to the helicopter instruction by bus. After this we can start. The tour leads us to the wonderful mountains in Kyrgyz Ala-Too. In groups of max 7 people we enjoy the fantastic views and the vast panorama.
Sunday 24. of February 2014
Sunday 03. of March
Sunday 10. of March
11. of March
Or on request
All you need is ski boots, ski suit, sun protection and motivation. You need average endurance and ski technique. We make two or three groups with different levels. There is no minimum of participants. The more clients, who join the day the cheaper it will be! Price per hour: USD 3500.- or EUR 2500.- for all persons
Program sequence:
After the instructions we start the helicopter and fly to the skiing area, with the best weather and snow conditions. Half a day corresponds to about 3-4 hours fly time. Fly time is the complete time the rotor is moving. All participants coming all participants coming to the areas have to pay the fly time, regardless if individuals are taking a rest in the area or stay in the helicopter for one or more runs. In 3 hours we make about 7-10 runs with intermediate skiers.

Inspiro Group - Travel & Logistics

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