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Ski Tour

Ski Tour

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In December, 2007 we have investigated mountains in distant lands. There are hundreds of summits up to 7000 m in Kyrgyzstan (Kirghizia). Amusing landscape and interesting culture make pair with hospitality and adventures.

We arrange 11 days ski-tour upon your inquiry. Optimum time: March and April.

We may arrange ski-tours to approx. 4300 m which go up outgoing from 2000 - 2300 m. Soft or middle difficult tours with 1,000 metres height or ski tours between yaks and horses do the days the real experience.

Duration of the tours: 3 - 6 hours.

We plan 6 days ski-tour during 11 days. The choice of the ski-route and itinerary depends on the weather. In case bed weather conditions we would try to arrange another/spare tour.

Price includes all overnight stays with breakfast and dinner, the whole transfer with guide, mountain guide from Austria, 6 tours in the dreamlike area and the direct contact with the people in the land is guaranteed.

Euro 1890.- pro Person 5 Persons
Euro 1790.- pro Person 6 Persons
Euro 1690.- pro Person 7 Persons
without flight to Bishkek

At - Bashi mountains, Naryn, Son - Kul area, northern Tien – Shan (Kungei Ala-Too) mountains or southern part of the Tien – Shan (Terskey Ala-Too), mountains of Kochkorka, high Tien - Shan near Karakol.

Hotels: An accommodation always is as good as possible. There are private guest houses and 4 star hotels according to the place.

Food is superabundant and very good. Fresh meat, vegetables and a lot of tea and fruit juices stand just on the menu like soups or great salads. Because of difference of intestinal flora of the Kirghiz a small vodka is recommended after the dinner.

You can experience pure and dreamlike nature. Friendly people, interesting experiences and many different religious settings and life settings will give you another vision to the world.

Please call or e-mail us, if you exactly want to know it.

Heliski in nicest mountains of the world! Our austrian partner

Inspiro Group - Travel & Logistics

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