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ArslanbobArslanbob covers nearly 600,000 hectares of land in the River Arslanbob valley. Arslanbob means the king of forests in Kyrgyzstan. The legend goes that Alexander and his troops visited this area long back. After his conquest, he took back large amount of fruits and nuts. And from that time the walnuts of Kyrgyz Mountains became famous in the country of Greece. The nuts are now famous as Greek nuts throughout the world.

Arslanbob valley is famous for wall nut harvesting and approximately 1,500 tons of walnuts are harvested every year. These forests are protected by the government and the local people also try their best to preserve the forest products. Besides walnuts, cherry plum, pistachio and apples are also found in abundance. Arslanbob in Kyrgyzstan has become a part of the Community Based Tourism network. It is surprising to know that the government has tried to make the villages self sufficient by helping them make their own tourist offices and lodges for the tourists. Most of the lodges have verandas and wonderful views of the forest can be had from them. The tourists in Arslanbob can also visit the Dashman Nut Grove on horseback

The natural beauty of Arslanbob is just spellbinding.

Arslanbob Arslanbob Arslanbob Arslanbob

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