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Museums and Galleries

Museums and Galleries

The State Museum of History
The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is one of Central Asia's largest and oldest research and educational institutions, dating back more than 120 years. The museum contains a unique collection of over 250,000 archeological, numismatic and ethnographic exhibits and archive materials. After the Republic of Uzbekistan became an independent state, the collection was laid out anew to reflect the results of the latest research into history from the Stone Age to modern times.

Art Gallery of Uzbekistan
The richest collection of artworks of Uzbekistan from the beginning of the Twentieth century up to the present day, as well as a unique collection of Central Asian currency are presented in the Art Gallery, which opened its doors on the eve of the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2004. The first exposition largely includes the collection of the Paintings Gallery of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which was established in 1994 upon the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov.

House museum of Aybek Musa Tashmukhamedov
The House museum of Aybek Musa Tashmukhamedov (1905-1968). The house museum of Aybek is in one of the old areas of Tashkent. Here, in the silent street of Tazetdinova (formerly Kislovodsk), in 1940 Aybek lived with his family. In the scientific library of the museum there are books, magazines, newspaper cuttings, the first publications of the edition in various languages, literature on the life and creativity of the writer, and manuscripts produced by classic writers of eastern literature: Navoi, Fuzli, Hafiza, Sufi Allayara, Yassavi .

Memorial house museum of Tamara Khanum
The home-museum of Tamara Khanum was created in 1994, based on the ongoing exhibition of her costumes. In the museum of Tamara Khanum you can see the original surroundings where she spent the last years of her life, many of her costumes, photographs from the 1920-80s, and manuscripts, as well as her unpublished memoirs, and listen to her songs.

Memorial house museum of Yuldash Akhunbabayev
In the 1930s-1940s, Yuldash Akhunbabayev made a considerable contribution to the development of the economy and culture of Uzbekistan. During this time he took part in organizing irrigation and agricultural projects. He also participated in the cultural revolution, in the eradication of illiteracy and the liberation of women ...

Memorial house museum of Ural Tansykbaev
The Home-museum of the USSR People's Artist Ural Tansykbaev's creative years, covers the period between the 1920s and the 1970s. U. Tansykbaev's heritage is immense. The artist's most important works are exhibited both in the memorial part of the museum, and in a gallery built for this purpose.

House museum of Gafur Guliam
The museum is located in the house where Gafur Guliam lived and worked from 1944-66.In the literary part you can see photographs, original documents and personal items of the poet, as well as first and later editions of his works. In the memorial part you can see his study, living room and recreation room. There are books from his personal library, his desk and household items.

Mukhtar Ashrafi's Home-museum
Mukhtar Ashrafi's Home-museum is devoted to the famous Uzbek composer and conductor, People's Artist of the USSR, and one of the founders of the national opera, who dedicated his whole life to the development of Uzbekistan's musical culture. The museum was opened to visitors in 1982.

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