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Tashkent Attraction

Tashkent Attraction

Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre
The Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the largest and most unique theatres on the territory of Central and Southeast Asia. Its achievements are of great value to the Uzbek people, the pride of the nation. This following season, the theatre will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Theatre Ilkhom
The Ilkhom theatre was one of the first professional theatres not dependent on the state institution for cultural affairs in the history of the former USSR. Director Mark Weil, who is still the artistic director of the theatre, and a group of Tashkent Theatre Institute graduates founded it in 1976. From its beginning, the theatre was founded as a jazz structure, where the director creates an ensemble consisting of participants who understand and listen to each other.

Russian Drama Theatre
The theatre was created in 1934. The Founders of the theatre were its art director, V. A. Chirkin, and director, M. K. Vulkonsky. The basis of its repertoire has been modern plays dealing with current issues, taking into consideration social, moral and ethical questions. At various times the plays of V. Vishnevski, A. Arbuzov, K. Simonov, V. Rozov, M. Roshchin, I. Dvoretski, A. Salynski, A. Gelman, M. Shatrov, A. Chhaidze and many others have been produced.

National Drama Theatre
There are 540 seats in this theatre's auditorium. Tickets can be purchased in advance or directly before the beginning of a play. Performances staged in this theatre are all in Uzbek. Those spectators who do not speak Uzbek will be interested in the musical-choreographic performance "Oh, woman", staged on the basis of the legends and songs of Uzbek folklore.

The "Ofarin" Dance Theatre
The "Ofarin" Dance Theatre led by Aliya Shalkharova was established in July 2003. In March 2004 its first choreographic show "Rakkosa" (The Dancer) was performed on the stage of the State Acade Bolshoy Theater after Alisher ofarin. Within four years of its creative activity "Ofarin" has produced five sole programmes: "Rakkosa", "Dreams come true", "Dancing is my life", "Cradle for the Planet" (Netherlands - Uzbekistan), "Dreams" (Great Britan - Uzbekistan).

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